Curriculum Vitae


Delft University of Technology | Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering | Delft, N.L.

  • Ph.D. in Design for Sustainability 2010-2015
    Developed and studied the deployment of three learning-by-doing studios in Vietnam using qualitative and quantitative methods. The studios aimed to cross-pollinate local & international knowledge and practices on sustainable design.
  • MSc. in Integrated Product Design, specialization in sustainability 2006-2008
    The program Integrated Product Design touches on the holistic product development process including: market opportunity definition, user research, conceptualization, prototyping, & execution.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, U.S.
Double majored in Mechanical Engineering and Architecture which stressed systems thinking, conceptual development, prototyping, and fabrication across various materials and technologies.

  • S.B. in Architectural Design 2002-2006
  • S.B. in Mechanical Engineering 2002-2006


Boundary spanner – Translating and connecting the latest research on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation in the workplace to wider business networks and beyond. I design new formats for public engagement, and I write articles to share research insights with business and lay audiences.

UNLEASH & UNLEASH+| 2018-present
Lead facilitator/Innovation coach – Coaching talents and teams in UNLEASH and UNLEASH+, a global innovation lab for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and acceleration program. In 2018, I facilitated the responsible production and consumption track in UNLEASH. From 2019 onward, I have been coaching teams in UNLEASH+ to further sharpen their social impact propositions.

DELOITTE DIGITAL, N.L. | 2017-2019
Service design lead/Manager – Helping clients to become future proof by championing a human centered, rapid, and experimental approach to designing propositions. Within Deloitte, I am tasked with acquiring and delivering projects, managing the learning and development, and coaching talent.

SUTHERLAND LABS, U.S. | 2016-2017
Senior service designer – Promoted as the first service designer to build out the practice at Sutherland. I led training, outreach, and engagements around service design. I worked with Fortune500 clients from a range of sectors including technology, financial services, telecom, and healthcare as a subject matter expert in service design and qualitative research.

AND & DESIGN, U.S. | 2015-present
Owner – Provide research, strategic advice, and designs for diverse clients including hotels, bands, and universities.

TU DELFT & EU Sustainable Innovation Project, N.L. & V.N. | 2010-2015
Ph.D. researcher and strategic designer – Founded, set-up, and managed a series of two studios in Vietnam connected to my PhD research in the EU-SWITCH Asia, Sustainable Product Innovation Project. My roles included recruiting partners, developing a brand around the studios, and facilitating collaboration between diverse and multi-disciplinary stakeholders.

CARTUS, remote | 2011-2013
Consultant and intercultural presenter – Facilitated and led phone presentations in Chinese to train Chinese nationals expatriating to Vietnam on lifestyle, customs, and practicalities.

STUDIOLAB @ TU DELFT, N.L. | 2008-2009
Project Leader & researcher – Conducted research on the topic of sustainable interaction design, organizing the related symposium, Challenging the Future: Designing for Sustainable Living and Working, and editing the interconnected book on sustainable interaction design.

KISS THE FROG, N.L. | 2006
Interaction designer – Conceptualized, designed, & prototyped a context-aware GPS tour connecting city tours and local museums together via a mobile platform and supporting system.

Freelance designer – Assisted in the concept, exhibit design and detailing for the bid for the Earth and Space galleries in the new Macau Science Center. Tender won.


  • Design thinking: strategy, management, curriculum development, creative workshop facilitation, & user-centered design methods (personas, storyboarding, etc.).

  • Research: Interviews, surveys, diaries, field studies, ethnography, context mapping.

  • Visual communication: 2-D/3-D prototyping, photography, illustration, & graphic design skills.

  • Computer:
    2D: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Microsoft Suite, WordPress, HTML.
    3D: Sketchup, AutoCad, & SolidWorks.

  • Languages: English (native), Dutch (professional), Chinese (fluent spoken).

Teaching and lectures

  • STS in Asia Workshop | MIT-SUTD | Cambridge, U.S. 2015

  • Doctoral Colloquium | Design Research Lab at UDK | Berlin, D.E. 2014

  • Pre-Work Talk | IXDS | Berlin, D.E. 2014 [Link to the talk].

  • Parson’s Paris | Paris, F.R. 2014

  • Social Smart Cities event | School of Communication, Media and Information Technology at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences | Rotterdam, N.L. 2014

  • Delft University of Technology | Delft, N.L. 2010

  • EU SWITCH-Asia SPIN Project | Vung Tau, Ba Vi, and HCMC, V.N. 2010

  • ADS Institute of Art and Design | HCMC, V.N. 2013

Workshops and exhibitions

  • Exhibition of the UN Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs and Design Futures Initiative | Remote 2020 – Spearheaded the speculative Murmur community/platform that explores topics of how big data and algorithmic technology could enable peaceful and inclusive futures especially for underrepresented voices.
  • Post Inertia Summer School | Remote 2020 – Selected as a participant in the Technological Democratization track.
  • Global Service Design Jam | San Francisco, U.S. 2015 – Co-organized the San Francisco GSDJ hackathon sponsored by Sutherland Labs. 
  • SegniSeed | City of Segni | Segni, I.T. 2013 – Participated in a workshop to brainstorm ideas to re-vitalize the local tourist industry in Segni City.
  • Global Service Design Jam | Hanoi, V.N. 2013 – Co-organized the Hanoi branch of the GSDJ hackathon that collaborated with a sister jam in Brussels, Belgium. The team developed a concept design & wire frames for a language learning app.
  • Friday Open Tea | Future Living Studio | HCMC, V.N. 2012 – Recruited speakers, developed content, partnerships, & community around 12 weekly editions of a design and sustainability community building event.
  • Future Living Studio | EU SPIN Project | HCMC, V.N. & Phnom Penh, K.H. 2011-2013 – The product collections developed in three studios were exhibited at the Lifestyle Fair (2012), VIFA Home Fair (2012), Goethe Institut Hanoi (2013), and MetaHouse (2014). Project and designs were featured in Wallpaper* Magazine, The Word Magazine, and Turn the Page Magazine.
  • After the Soviets | Partizan Publik | 
Amsterdam, N.L. & Moscow, R.U. 2009 – Participated as a researcher, content developer, and illustrator for a project in the Moscow suburbs. Interviews were conducted with residents, local government, and maintenance from the suburb, Veshnyaki, about life in the microrayon. The results were published in Volume magazine and exhibited at the 2009 Rotterdam biennale.
  • Sustainable Living & Working Workshops | TU Delft | Delft, N.L.
 2009 – Coordinated and facilitated a series of workshops for the research workgroup, Sustainable living and working. These workshops bring together different disciplines within Industrial Design Engineering, working towards the goal of a more sustainable faculty.
  • Constructingreen | City of Rotterdam
 | Rotterdam, N.L. 2009 – Organized guerrilla gardening inspired activities around the city of Rotterdam during the festivals: Motel Mozaique (music festival), de Parade (theater festival) and Uitmarkt Rotterdam.
  • DIY Wearable Technology Workshop | V2_ Center for Unstable Media | Rotterdam, N.L. 2009 – Designed and prototyped two articles of clothing for a performance piece. The clothing modified sounds from the ambient environment and through the dancer’s movements. The prototype was exhibited at the V2_ Test_Lab: Fashionable Technology event.


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