Hello! Hallo!

And & Design is me, Shauna Jin, a big picture thinker and service designer. I’ve lived, and worked across the U.S., Netherlands, Germany, and Vietnam.

I use creative-analytic thinking for problem solving. My approach is collaborative, inclusive, and iterative. I speak languages of design, engineering, and research to bridge disciplines and cultures.

I am currently a boundary spanner at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation. Previously I was a service design lead at Deloitte Digital in Amsterdam. I’ve consulted in research, design, and strategy for startups and nonprofits in Western Europe, the U.S., and South East Asia. I am an advocate for user-centered, co-creative, and inclusive design approaches. I have a PhD in Sustainable Design & Innovation with a background in engineering and architecture from the TU Delft and MIT.

Outside of work, I enjoy attending and hosting music, arts, and crafts events. I love cooking, and “find cuisine” is my specialty; I forage indoors for whatever is available and outdoors for mushrooms, wild fruit, and vegetables. I have a cat and a dog.

Email me: hello [at] shaunajin [dot] nl

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