Hello! Hallo!

Hello! I’m Shauna Jin, a big picture thinker and service designer. I use user-centered, facilitative, and co-creative tools to coordinate diverse teams to solve complex problems.

BLOG | Managing visibility in a digital world

Digital platforms have enabled us to work increasingly remotely, distributed, and asynchronously. As a result, the content of our communication is becoming more visible and persistent. What does our digital activity “say” about us, in the moment and accumulated over time?

BLOG | The Future of Work, after COVID-19

The whole world is currently engaged in a social experiment to reorganize around the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are adapting quickly to the new normal, and they are seeing their workforce pivoting to work productively from home. I interview Professor Marleen Huysman on how COVID will change how we work.

BLOG | Eatsa — The future of service is here, in fast food form

Eatsa has taken cringe worthy experiences, e.g. fast food, order kiosks, loyalty programs, and transformed fast food. Each touchpoint in the Eatsa ecosystem is seamlessly coordinated and points toward a future of service and automation, today — it’s an exciting and thought provoking proposition.

BLOG | UX and Startups

UX is key to build customer empathy, to leverage appropriate growth channels, and ultimately, reach product-market fit. If startups don’t already have UX in their DNA, they might not yet value, or have the know-how incorporate a user centered approach into their core process.