CASE | Developing new propositions for nurses

I had the opportunity to lead an open innovation project around the Future of Healthcare in 2019. Our autonomous and multi-disciplinary team of strategists, designers, technologists, and experts developed five high-level propositions in 5-weeks.


Our mission

How can we support nurses across their daily work and beyond, within cure and care, to help make the healthcare sector more attractive and thus more sustainable



In three design sprints of 5-weeks total, we created five high level propositions, underpinned by business rationale and an understanding of the technological feasibility.

Here’s one example proposition, MyCareView:


In addition to having an eye on the content, I also managed our high level stakeholders. I designed and coordinated our Future of Healthcare event to co-create with the wider ecosystem of healthcare providers and relevant ministries.

  • Client: Deloitte Digital, Amsterdam
  • Dates: 2019
  • Roles: Project lead, proposition designer