BLOG | Managing visibility in a digital world

Digital platforms have enabled us to work increasingly remotely, distributed, and asynchronously. As a result, the content of our communication is becoming more visible and persistent. What does our digital activity “say” about us, in the moment and accumulated over time?

BLOG | The Future of Work, after COVID-19

The whole world is currently engaged in a social experiment to reorganize around the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are adapting quickly to the new normal, and they are seeing their workforce pivoting to work productively from home. I interview Professor Marleen Huysman on how COVID will change how we work.

BLOG | UX and Startups

UX is key to build customer empathy, to leverage appropriate growth channels, and ultimately, reach product-market fit. If startups don’t already have UX in their DNA, they might not yet value, or have the know-how incorporate a user centered approach into their core process.